Interior design and fitting of the living room with dining room and kitchen


Simple, geometric shapes emphasize the elegant and contemporary character of the interior.


Juglans regia, the Persian walnut, English walnut, Circassian walnut, or especially in Great Britain, common walnut, is an Old World walnut tree species native to the region stretching from the Balkans eastward to the Himalayas and southwest China. The largest forests are in Kyrgyzstan, where trees occur in extensive, nearly pure, walnut forests at 1,000–2,000 m (3000 to 7000 ft) altitude—notably at Arslanbob in Jalal-Abad Province. It is widely cultivated across Europe.

Naturally & Modern

Natural walnut wood, which forms the finish of a large part of building walls and alcoves.

Color Tone

The interior colors are a contrasting combination of white and warming the space of natural wood.


Original wooden solutions give this small space an unusual climate.