About Us

We are a Polish company, offering renovation services in a way that has not been done before. Our extensive experience within the industry & have a team of artisans to deliver a quality finish, in whatever we do.

From choosing a plot trough construction all the way to interiors and fittings. Placing a high value on structure, timing, client communication & integrity, we work with our clients to provide a new, personal experience that goes beyond our customer’s expectation.

We want to bring inspiring individualism into homes through effective design & installation, with the highest of commitments placed on both quality of product & service, through investing in our people & processes, in order to achieve our client’s desires & the company’s gains.

Our Work

In-depth, Accurate, Petty, Thorough, Pedantic, Precise, Meticulous, Careful, Detailed, Wide, Attentive, Insightful, Exhaustive ~ Comprehensive


Coalition of vision with creative power a new dimenstion ~ of turnkey solutions.


Created from passion for beautiful architecture. The Essence of harmonious cooperation betwen outstanding architects, experienced contractors and work coordinators.


Comprehensive interior finishing of houses, apartments and flats. Perfect combination of architects, excellent professionals and craftspeople resulted in the creation of a comprehensive interior design service.


Love of the detail in every pice. Our furniture as a unique combination of functionality with a beautiful form and thought out design.


We are driven by the power of a new design to transform everyday living, extraordinarily.

BeforeHome Sp. z o.o.ul. Twarda 4400-831 Warszawa

+48 698 196 536pracowania@beforehome.eu

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